Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Too much stuff...

Everywhere I look, there is too much stuff.  In my kitchen cabinets, i can barely close the doors. We have so many bowls and containers and stuff.  Some of it never used.  Nothing expensive, just kept, just in case.  In closets, why do I keep things if they have stains or small holes?  Why havent I weeded out all the kids clothes that they've outgrown?  And really, they dont play with 10% of the toys they have, so why not get rid of it.  Come on, we only do fast food once a week but how do they accumulate the bins full of their happy meal toys.  

I hate clutter, but everywhere I look, there it is.  I start to work on one area, and it takes me so long to go through it.  then I get distracted, and its not only not done, but the mess is bigger cause I took everything out to look through it.  I am my own biggest obstacle.  
I need a system, a routine.  Why am I posting about it?  Probably to procrastinate. 

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Vered said...

Ha. Clutter. I hate it. And my kids - the love of my life, the center of my existence - they bring even MORE clutter into your life, don't they?