Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My iPhone and our love hate relationship...

Im on my 3rd, yes, 3rd iphone.  I'd been wanting one since they came out, but I had about 5 months left on my contract with Spr*nt.  Hated them, and wanted out so bad.  So, I was trying to be so patient.  THEN, a good friend of mine got one.  I saw it, played with it some, went home, and I just couldnt wait.  I got the phone and LOVED it.  The only problem was that the 8GB just wasnt enough to hold all the stuff I have on there for the kids. Anywhoo...about 2 weeks after I bought it, Apple comes out with the 16GB.  I upgraded, and paid the difference.

So then this weekend, Im carting my kids around to their various sport events.  Water bottles thrown in  a bag along with a few snacks, jackets and my phone.  the bottles were sweaty, and I guess I cant be certain if my 3 year old always closes his sigg or not. So I get home, and my phone is not working.  I get a call, and no one can hear my.  the apple logo is just flashing.  I am getting bored with this story so I'll wrap it up here....
water got into the phone, and for a fee of $300 they replaced my dead phone with a new one.  
I was without the phone for about 36 hours and I felt so frustrated!  I use that thing for so many different things!  My son checks the weather every morning before getting dressed for school.  my calendar alerts me to all my appts, responsibilities, etc.  My email is with me wherever I go.  not to mention the music and video aspect.  So, yay!  I have it back!  but boo!  How sensitive is this thing?  

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Donna said...

Oh no..they made you BUY a new one????? I'd be pissed.

It was me! I got ya hooked=)I wish I had an iMac so I could get that leopard program=(