Friday, October 10, 2008 activity or too much commitment?

Well, Soccer season is officially over for my son.  Wrestling starts in November and Im trying to decide if we should sign my 8 year old up.  He says sure, yeah, he'll do it.  But its exactly that that is worrying me.  
He has such a take it or leave it attitude.  He likes the social aspect, but he's not motivated much beyond that.  And thats okay.  But what I worry about is what should I do with that attitude?  Do I try to direct it and help him be more focused and driven?  And whats the alternative?  Its physical activity during the cold indoor winter.  I guess the one thing that is making me nervous about it, is its a 3 day a week commitment.  Practice is two weekdays for 1.5 hrs each time, plus a Sunday meet.  
I want him to have options and opportunities.  I want him to build confidence.  And I do believe sports really helps do all those things.  

But yet, I need him to want it too.