Monday, February 16, 2009

Random winter memories...

Here we have a view from my laundromat visits.  We had a few birds sneak into our dryer!  Unfortunately, one got stuck in the dryer belt and we were out of a dryer for more than a week.  With a family of four, thats a lot of dirty laundry.  and with my husband, even with a large capacity washer and dryer, his huge clothes take up so much space!  I was dreading the laundromat, but I'll totally admit, it was awesome.  I grabbed a coffee, loaded 7 units, set up my ipod, and flipped through a magazine.  Fresh laundry smells, and peace and quiet.  I loved it!
This is a picture of my 2 sons, and my 2 nephews at a waterpark this january.  They had a blast!
My beautiful son Nicolas and I.  

Joseph after Daddy buried him in all the snow.  And Nicolas at play too!