Monday, May 26, 2008

Back from Las Vegas!!!

We're back from our trip!  It was so much fun.  It started off with really bad luck.  We were at the airport, and they couldnt find my reservation.  My husbands was fine, but mine was nowhere to be found.  Turns up I messed up when I did all the plans online.  I am the official trip planner, and we go to vegas every year.  So why I had any trouble this time is beyond me.  I had to get a last minute, first class ticket.  No room left in coach.  Talk about a shock!  Once we got everything situated, and we got my ticket, we decided, whats done is done, and acted like there was never a snag.  Well, that is until I was up in my roomy, ultra comfy first class leather seat.  Being served free bloody marys, and taking a pic of my amazingly huge and yummy first class breakfast so I could torment my husband later.  He text me a few messages, asking how it was up there.   Accused me of maybe "forgetting" to get a ticket so I could end up in first class.  I certainly didnt do it on purpose.  But hey, I'm just not the kind of girl to be pissed with an upgrade.  And poor Bob, back there with cereal and a banana.  He was a good sport, thats for sure.

We had unusually cool Vegas weather.  It was low 70's the whole 5 days.  I have to say, I wasnt too disappointed.  When I was told, oh it sucks that the weather will be so cold for vegas.  I said, well, I cant say my fat ass is too disappointed.  Yes, we missed out on our pool time.  but Yes!  I missed out on having to squeeze into a bathing suit.  Darn!  And walking the strip was so nice in the sunny cool weather.  We stayed at the Wynn in a panoramic view room facing the strip.  It was a beautiful view, beautiful hotel.  Didnt win any money, but does anyone really expect to walk away without losing some cash?

We went to see Cirque de Soleil's O at the Bellagio.  It was very entertaining, but almost a little creepy.  I really enjoyed it, the lights and drama.  The diving from so high on stage was crazy!  I loved the water, the scene changes, the floors appearing and disappearing.  Really great.

One thing I love about Las Vegas is there are so many types of people there.  I love to people watch.  Everyone just blends right in.  There are penny slots.  And of course the diamond rooms, high rollers.  Saw some young guy playing $1000 a hand minium bets at black jack.  And that is tame compared to other tables Im sure.  Not that we are big gamblers, but we love vegas for the opportunity to take a short vacation, reconnect, feel like we are back to dating.  And Its always a blast for us to have each other all to ourselves.  

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