Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dear Diary...this week,

Dear diary,
we've had a full and crazy week.  Last week we got together with friends, went to Cedar Point, went to Toledo for a couple days.  I got to see old friends and family, some who I havent seen in over a year or more.  Then we came home and brought my nephew to spend a few nights.  We then went car shopping and found a great car with everything we wanted.  Ended up having to miss a friends birthday party due to the process of buying the car.  Then my sister and family came over to pick up my nephew J-Man.  Always good to see them.  Then we went to another friends birthday party, and we all enjoyed our time.  Im not used to having a commitment to do something for 6 days in a row.  But it was definitely a good thing.  A nice change of pace from my depression?  soaked summer of not wanting to leave the house, let alone have fun.  
School is starting soon, and things are going to have to change.  I already upped the kids' bedtime by 1/2 an hour tonight.  and tomorrow it goes to a full hour (8:30) so they can be prepared for school time bedtime a little early.  
Yes, I realize I am babbling via the keyboard.  But I'll read this a few months from now and think, Oh yeah, I remember trying to get the kids situated for school year mimis.(bedtime).  Ah yeah, that was no fun.  
So.  today?  Im feeling thankful for family and friends.  

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