Wednesday, August 6, 2008

2 days down, 4 to go...

Okay, I've been less than the ideal friend this summer.  I dont know why.  Its like punishing myself in the long run.  
But with summer coming to an end here, I knew I had to get some quality time in.  On tuesday we got together with our great friends, the "Schus" or the "shoes" as I like to say.  The kids swam.  We talked in full and complete sentences.  We ate a mix of chinese and mcdonalds.  It was a good day.
Then today(on my birthday!!) I went with another great friend to Cedar Point.  thanks Header!  See, I dont have many friends, but the ones I do have, are what you would call, "Keepers." Yep.  they are so appreciated and loved.  But, my lazy butt just doesnt even think to let them know how important they are.  So D and H.  And T just by default, Thank you for liking me for what you see.   its not that I dont want to give more, its just I dont know how.

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