Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday....30 years of friendship

2nd grade friendships.  7 years old.  birthday parties. baton classes.  junior high.  high school.  perms.  banana clips.  boyfriends.  haunted houses.  best friends.

grown women.  wives.  mothers.  moving.  cancer.  phone calls.  depression.  frustration.  laughter.  understanding.  vacations.  phone calls.  phone calls.  email.  best friends.

30 years of friendship.  She's more than family.  I dont know what I'd do without her.  Love you T!  


stephanie (bad mom) said...

Lovely, lucky :)

The beach shot with the fire is particularly beautiful.

Snap Catch said...

Cool catch for WW!mine's up too hope you can drop by.... Happy WW!

Princess Vien said...

Great catch for WW!!

Mine is up!!

Happy WW!!

Raivyn said...

Wow, beautiful photos! And a 30-year friendship.. that's rare. Happy WW! :)