Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer snapshots

Backyard camping.  Yep.  Once or twice a summer we put up the tent, and they love it!   Maybe someday we'll graduate to an actual campground, but to be honest, I like the comforts of home.  

We spent a fun day with friends, went to see Waterhorse and then had a cookout.  The waterballoons were a great idea.  The pool was the PERFECT size for our little ones, who are both turning 4 in a few weeks.  Not too deep, just between their waists and chests.  But big and deep enough for our big kids to have lots of fun too.
The next day my little one's friend came over for a visit.  They are so silly.  Middle of summer, but anytime is perfect to be a superhero right?  My son Nicolas is in the Hulk costume.  
The last group of snapshots are from a 4th of July party we go to every year.  Volleyball, Cornhole, and good times.  Thats my husband and sons playing cornhole.  My Joey and Nicolas looking cute as ever.  And who can pass up 4th of July colored candy corn?  On your teeth?

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