Monday, April 14, 2008, baseball, school & Life

     well, my older son starts baseball this week.  3X's a week.  And Soccer 2X's a week.  My younger son will be starting soccer, once a week, 9:30 on saturday mornings...Uh yeah, A good time, but, Not a good time.  

     I'm looking forward to it so they can hang out and be with their friends.  But so, what?  We have like no evenings home anymore?  Thats a lot of  forced politeness with the other parents.  Im not even that nice to my own husband.  so I have to pretend with all these soccer moms?  Yes, I may be a mom of soccer kids.  but geez, Im not out of control with the screaming and yelling.  yes, I gripe, but I love watching my kids out on the field, having fun.

     So it'll be fun. I'm sure I'll have a horror story or two to tell.  go team!

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