Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So what do you get when you mix Vegas with 10 other couples, LIes, plus a dose of dread??

So we just got back from a long weekend in Vegas with 10 other couples.  1o other couples I don't know so well, only through my husbands work.  It turned out well enough though, a handful, I've know for several years.  Although I only usually spend an hour or so with them at dinner over the holidays or maybe a dinner or two a year.  but I have to say i was expecting a shit storm.  It was actually nice.  We hung out with almost everybody at one point or another.  Its a lot to have so many personalities in one group.  But luckily Im the kind of girl to sit, enjoy and observe, then I'll bitch, gossip and blog later.  
Some were a decade older than me, some a decade younger.  And honestly, it was refreshing to know, the ages didnt matter.  Assholes are assholes no matter how old they are.  
One guy and his girl, rode in a taxi with us.  They asked the driver what the worst story they had in a taxi was.  He tells us about two guys in the back, blowing each other.  (who cares, really?) And he proceeds to tell us if its two girls he loves it.  So this guy tells us he pulls over and tells the two guys to get out. They laugh, and cheer him on.  Im so mad, but of course I sit silently(and ultimately, complaisant)
Anyhoo, this guy tells the cabby's story, then adds his own twist, says the cab driver said, Get out motherfuckers or I'll kick your ass!!!  When I heard him RETELL his story with the new twist, I say to my husband, "He didnt say that!"  To which my DH says, yeah, I noticed too.
So, Why do people lie about things that mean nothing?  To embellish a story?  The origional was good enough, but he soiled it.  
Nothing is more upsettng to me than a liar.   I dont know, I just think, Lie to me once, and I will doubt everything you've ever told me before and will tell me in the future.   
Although, maybe it was a harmless thing, him just wanting to entertain everyone.
So, I suppose this is my rant.  how do YOU feel?  Harmless or hurtful?

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Candi said...

Oh I agree! Once I know a person has lied to me I never believe them. I also have friends who gossip a lot about other people and I never trust them with my own personal stuff. I know I am getting talked about behind my back too I am sure.
The cabbie just wants attention apparently. The whole story is probably made up. Glad your trip went smoothly and you enjoyed yourself!