Sunday, June 22, 2008

Powerlifting, Birthdays, Family visits, Oh My!

Last weekend was a busy time.  My husband, who works so hard, at work, at home, and in the gym, competed in a Powerlifting Competition.  He had a great meet and set 2 state records.  Totaled 1885 pounds.  Squat 650, Bench 515, Deadlift 720 lbs.  How hot is that?  Every single day, he is "just"my husband to me.  The days of the competitions, I watch him do what he loves to do, and I am just so impressed!  Every day, I love him for so many reasons.  And his determination is so sexy.  This photo is from a meet, several months ago.  this last meet, I only took video, which i have no idea how to load.  

The next day, we had my son's 8th birthday party.  I have such great kids.  Joseph, you have such a big, open heart.  You are kind, loving, and sensitive to others, always.  I know you will lead and love with your heart.  Sometimes that worries me.  You are an exceptional person, all 8 years of you.  I am very, very proud to be your mom.  Do you know how many of your friends moms tell me what I great kid I have?  All of them.  I say thank you, but what I really think is, "I know, isnt he???!!!"
Honestly, Bear and Nico, if you ever read this, just know that I absolutely know how lucky I am to have 2 kids who are so great.  Anyways, My oldest son's bday party was a nice time.  Lots of crazy kids running around.  He had fun, his friends had fun, and it was over too soon.  
BTW, my son is gonna try and grow a mohawk.  yep.  guitar hero has poisoned him.  he was shocked that I gave my permisson.  I said, its your hair, its not unhygienic, its just a fun experiment, why not?  He's just starting, but he's excited!

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Donna said...

That is a great picture of J.

And wow! Bob is great. Josh was impressed. I guess I don't realize how much he does those competitions.